The Peak of Perfection

Changde Cohere Hotel, as Changde the only five-star hotel; close the Liuye Lake "Listen to the fishermen's song at the edge of the bank, pine breeze, the scenery was beautiful". How do we use the nature resources advantage? And how do we let the hotel to precipitate stronger cultural theme atmosphere? How can we let the hotel features more bright? In face of government banquets and events populations, high star hotel en counters difficult for the market. It's times to develop new customers, for personalized products, do the characteristics of real marketing era are coming. The so-called characteristic is selling point, force is attractive and benefit. We are especially designed for Cohere Hotel's guests to the hotel will do ten things.

Adjacent to the first Asian cities lake

The romantic stories of "Liu Hai fell firewood" , it's deserve all lovers to worship the lake. Times flies, the affair is over and the situation has changed, tenderness and the genes peaceful and the time tranquil even millennium years. When couples choice Cohere Hotel's Boutique lake room, you will quiet in aggregation of wonderful starry sky, sounds of the frogs and appreciated view of the lake.

Ramble on the Health Street

The Health street, adjoin with the lake, overall length is 6.8km. People can challenge the stamina, people can keeping clearly train of thought, relieve fatigue. Or you can ease down, open your mind to walk along with the gender, let the beautiful scenery pleasing to washing the hubbub of your urbanism.

Retro around the lake by cycle

Everyone is decorated with a nostalgic heart dream, those who stop at the lips mask in the years past, just like a movie camera keeps flashing mind. If you stay in Cohere Hotel, retro around the lake by cycle, you can feel shadows Shan and sunlight through the branches down. The wheels spin assignor feel time was but a moment, once the exquisite transient. Enjoy the moment is a happy and a matter of course.

"Promoting to a higher position" in the Liuye Lake

There are many steps in the Willow Lake, although the design is black and white, but these ordinary wall infiltrations of the dream belief of countless people, step by step, firm to success. Step a scenery, on behalf of the life, step transmission is not only the struggle of aggressiveness, also on behalf of a kind of after the world of tolerant and open-minded.

Close and the Liuye Lake

A wide expanse of mist-covered waters the waters and skies merge in one colour, facing the lake, you will forget the annoyance and be immersed the beautiful spring. "Lovers meet in the evening when the moon rose in the branches". You will take pictures immediately when you are in this beautiful scenery, to save the eternal smile.

SPA Dragon Power SPA Health Pavilion

You can relax in the soft music, when the texture soft hands intimate your body. Cohere Hotel Dragon Power SPA Health Pavilion can fully interpretation SPA, can called active energy eternal art, achieve the balance of your body, heart and soul. In Dragon Power SPA Health Pavilion, immersed in lithe and graceful body perfection, perception than all your words.

Taste the Liuye Lake Ecological fish head

"Hill Yangshuo cragginess, aqua green than the West Lake, the sunlight is very brilliant in Changde, most of the Willow Lake." The liuye Lake have unique natural advantages, there are more than hundreds of species of fish in this lake, all fish are delicious. Confucius said "Patiently making fine foods", Cohere Hotel Chefs not only following the traditional culinary skill, also innovations more exquisite dishes such as the Liuye Lake Ecological fish head, the soup tastes delicious and sweet entrance, it concentrated the native fish culture essence, people can tasting elegant lasting appeal.

Drink the Ground tea in the Lobby Lounge

Pound, grinding and pound tea, sesame seeds and peanuts in the bowl and ran in hot water, its can keeping in good health tea. Since antiquity, it can eat or be medicine; although seemingly mundane materials, but there are comfortable taste, to achieve highest state of harmonic taste, this included the wisdom of the ancients.

Food tasting "Changde Beef Glass Noodles"in the local cuisine street

There are many of collocation of dishes for "Changde Beef Glass Noodles", has more than 20 for the cured beer flavor, and cooking oil also very exquisite; We always keeping to use a very high quality of "Dongtin" water and rice. "Changde Beef Glass Noodles" not only a bowl of Noodle, also is the most popular presents for the guests who stay in Cohere Hotel, it contains all the hotel staff sincerely.

"Fermented Chili and rice flour"

"Fermented Chili and rice flour" is every Changde people deeply imprints. Red chili and rice flour in the soil pile fermentation , it is substantial orders table of dishes when age of poverty, and it's very precious for us now. You can recall a time-lapse of the age of innocence when you stay in Cohere Hotel and taste "Fermented Chili and rice flour" .

The hotel will focus on the matter of "Ten will do" to do careful packaging and building professionals. "Characteristic value, the same will be devaluation."Hotel guest not only can taste the unique flavor of health food, also can truly "contact" and "feeling" renown charm of the first city in Asia, "Full" not only has the physical level and spiritual sublimation, "Ten will do" means "The Peak of Perfection", love is the attitude of life, but also taste, heritage Cohere Hotel constant innovation, and strive to improve the resplendent culture. We believe that will give each guest leave indelible imprint and telling stories.